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Neurolymphomatosis with Spinal Nerve Root Involvement Demonstrated on 18F-FDG PET/CT


  • Ayça Arçay
  • Gonca Gül Bural
  • Utku Şenol

Received Date: 22.08.2021 Accepted Date: 26.09.2021 Mol Imaging Radionucl Ther 2022;31(3):242-243 PMID: 36268937

A 56 years old woman with a diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma had dyspnea, weakness in the left upper extremity and vocal cord paralysis after chemotherapy. She underwent cervical, thoracal and lumbosacral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) however findings on MRI could not entirely explain the symptoms of the patient. Therefore, the patient underwent 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography/computed tomography and the scan revealed focal symmetrical 18F-FDG uptake on the cervical, thoracal and lumbal spinal nerve roots. Considering the symptoms of the patient and cerebrospinal fluid cytology findings, hypermetabolic spinal nerve roots were interpreted as lymphoma involvement.

Keywords: Neurolymphomatosis, 18F-FDG PET/CT, MRI, lymphoma, spinal nerve root


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Peer-review: Externally peer-reviewed.

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Surgical and Medical Practices: A.A., G.G.B., U.Ş., Concept: A.A., G.G.B., Design: A.A., G.G.B., Data Collection or Processing: A.A., G.G.B., U.Ş., Analysis or Interpretation: A.A., G.G.B., U.Ş., Literature Search: A.A., Writing: A.A.

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