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Meningioma Mimicking Bone Metastasis in Breast Cancer


  • Oğuzhan Şahin
  • Gündüzalp Buğrahan Babacan
  • Tamer Özülker

Received Date: 25.08.2022 Accepted Date: 18.12.2022 Mol Imaging Radionucl Ther 2023;32(2):165-167 PMID: 37337873

Meningiomas constitute 37% of primary central nervous system tumors and are more common in women. Also may occur with other primary malignancies, which can cause confusion with the metastasis in whole body bone scan (WBBS) imaging. A 58-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer was referred to the WBBS for the investigation of possible bone metastases. In the planar images, radiotracer uptake at multiple sites was detected on the anterior side of the skull base and the posterior side of the vertex of the cranium. Single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography was performed for anatomical localization of possible metastatic lesions, and it revealed that detected accumulations of radiotracer did not belong to the bone metastases; uptakes were located at the cerebral parenchyma and the lesions in the falx cerebri. Patient history explained that she had been diagnosed with meningioma five years ago, which mimicked bone metastases in this study.

Keywords: Meningioma, bone scan, breast cancer


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Surgical and Medical Practices: T.Ö., Concept: O.Ş., G.B.B., T.Ö., Design: O.Ş., G.B.B., T.Ö., Data Collection or Processing: O.Ş., T.Ö., Analysis or interpretation: G.B.B., T.Ö., Literature Search: O.Ş., T.Ö., Writing: O.Ş., G.B.B., T.Ö.

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