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Amyloidosis Associated Kidney Failure with Gross Hypermetabolic Intra-abdominal Mass
  • Zehra Pınar Koç
  • Pınar Pelin Özcan
  • Kenan Turgutalp
  • Kaan Esen
  • Tuğba Kara
Mol Imaging Radionucl Ther 2020; 29: 37-40 DOI: 10.4274/mirt.galenos.2019.92485

Case Report

Extrapulmonary Small Cell Carcinoma of the Seminal Vesicles and Prostate Demonstrated on 18F-FDG Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography
  • Amir Iravani Tabrizipour
  • Lily Shen
  • Robert Mansberg
  • Bui Chuong
Mol Imaging Radionucl Ther 2016; 25: 47-49 DOI: 10.4274/mirt.02997 PMID:27299289

Case Report

18F-FDG Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis and Post-Therapeutic Treatment in a Patient with an Early Stage of Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
  • Artor Niccoli Asabella
  • A. Nicoletti
  • C. Altini
  • A. Notaristefano
  • G. Lastilla
  • G. Rubini
Mol Imaging Radionucl Ther 2013; 22: 60-62 DOI: 10.4274/Mirt.140 PMID:24003399

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